Money Matters # 349

Money Guilt?

We need to stop feeling guilty about making money from our talents. I mean really!! We feel fine making money working the old 9 to 5, but we feel guilty making money by doing the things that we are best at, and that make us the happiest, and that offers true value to the world? [...]

Self Empowerment # 340

Manifestation Sample

“The Secret” speaks of stating your desires out loud and feeling them as if they are already a reality. So here is an example of manifesting desires.   I NOW MANIFEST INTO MY LIFE BEAUTIFUL SOULS WHO CARE FOR ME AND LOVE ME. AND WHO WANT NOTHING FOR ME BUT TO LIVE MY JOY AND [...]

Self Empowerment # 333

Creating Joy Energy

Self Empowerment # 325

Hicks Video ..Change your life Now.

This is one of my favorite videos by Abraham Hicks. We played it at our first 2011 meeting of our group,  The Secret Law of Attraction group ( Some people choose not to listen to this teacher do to the fact that she says she channels spirits who speak through her. As for myself, I [...]

Self Empowerment # 201

Purpose of Existence

The Meaning of Life has always been a big question for those who ponder their existence. Well, here is my take on the subject. TRANSCRIPT That which we hold in the forefront of our mind, in the forefront of our focus and desire. Perhaps it is love, The greatest joy in life. Yet it cannot [...]

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